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12186425_1032700656750802_7179452880649334741_oRipplemaker, executive/entrepreneur coach, , positive psychology advocate, writer,  entrepreneur and part-time organic farmer.

Through the Ripplemaker Foundation, of which she is co-founder, started the Happier Cafe in Taipei, to promote the Be Happier movement.

She started Happier Retreat in Dulan as a social venture to support job creation in the local community in this remote and poor region of Taiwan. Ming strives to integrate a positive and non-zero sum game approach in all her endeavors. Her Nonzero business promotes sustainable lifestyle.

Ming writes for Positive Psychology News Daily and also publishes the RippleCards coaching tools. Her book “Start Your Own Ripple Effect”,  and her magazine column inspires young people to pursue a flourishing life. She has vast international experience, having lived and worked in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong. She now lives in Taipei.





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  1. Dear Ming,

    I am a fan of your ripple cards and thank you for creating them. I have just bought two sets of Ripple Cards from a friend in Taiwan. However, it seems that the instructions of how to use the ripple cards are in Chinese which I don’t understand. Could you please help to provide me in English how to use the ripple cards?

    Thank you so much and looking forward to your response.

    With appreciation,

    1. Delighted to hear that you love RippleCards. I am sorry for the late reply. Here’s some instructions in English. I am grateful for your friend in Taiwan who sold you the cards. It means the ripple effect has spread to Vietnam.

      Start your own “ripple effect” with these affirmations towards a happier and more positive life. RippleCards are a set of 48 effective and practical affirmations to help you maintain positive thoughts.

      Each inspirational affirmation is illustrated with a unique and vibrant drawing (and for those of you who are more visual-spatial minded, the flip side of each card also has just the drawing.)
      About the illustrators

      The young aspiring artists who illustrate these cards are responsible for the intuitive, innocent look and feel. In addition to being visually pleasing, each drawing is selected for its emotive element. The drawing complements the affirmation by drawing out the emotional response of the readers.

      How to use RippleCards?
      Make RippleCards a part of your daily life. Build positive thinking into your day by having the cards on hand. In the empty moments in your day, choose a card. Read the affirmation and spend a few moments looking at the drawing. Close your eyes and imagine yourself in real life behaving this way. Let your imagination make this image as vivid as possible. Affirmations work when they become realistic and continuous part of you internal dialog and self-talk.

      RippleCards provide 48 affirmations focusing on self esteem, confidence, choice, performance and healthy relationships. They can help you promote happiness in your life.

      Be a RippleMaker. Ideas to create your own ripple effect:
      • Gift cards — give a card to a friend, coworker or loved one to cheer them up and to add a positive stimulus to their day
      • Teachers and trainers — use RippleCards as a powerful icebreaker, to generate immediate interaction and relaxation in groups. Have each person select a card and relate a personal anecdote using the chosen card as inspiration. The cards are a non-threatening tool facilitating individual emotional engagement with the group
      • Use RippleCards as bookmarks!
      • Happiness prompter — use the box as a display stand. Display RippleCards somewhere readily visible — your desk or kitchen counter are good spots. Make it a habit to flip to a different card every day.
      • Bedside ritual – place RippleCards on your bedside table. Read a card every morning and make the affirmations on that card a real part of your day.
      • Communication channel for parents and children — the cards are a gentle tool to help children talk about their feelings.
      • Make someone’s day – Always carry a few RippleCards with you. Give a card to a stranger, perhaps someone you meet on the train while commuting to work, or the attendant in the lobby of your building. Be a Daymaker!

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