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My full name is Yee-Ming Tan, and I prefer to be called Ming.

I wear many hats and this site attempts to pull together all my various interests and passion in one place.

I have a coaching and consultancy practice called Third Thinking where we offer services relating to my three key specialization: coaching, authentic leadership and positive practices for the workplace.

Happier Retreat offers stressed out professionals in need of an R&R (retreat and recharge) a chance to recalibrate their life and learn to live happier each day.  As one of the first Asians to study Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) under Martin Seligman (the founder of positive psychology) at the University of Pennsylvania, I introduce the science of happiness and wellbeing through my writing and offering corporate training programs.

I authored a book named “Start Your Own Ripple Effect” and write a column for Amazing magazine in Taiwan. I also publish a series of RippleCards tools for those who are serious in developing their own positive rippling effect.

As an entrepreneur with a lifestyle business, Nonzero is a social experiment in cultivating a positive eco-system, from the employees to the suppliers to the customers. We are in this sustainable community together, operating with a non-zero sum game mentality. Nonzero farm in Dulan is where I connect with the land and nature, and learn about incorporating sustainable practices in our modern living.

As the co-founder of Ripplemaker Foundation, I take the learning from my own business, to help young entrepreneurs realize their dream.


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